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Blind Guardian ‎–The Forgotten Tales cd


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Remastered edition with 3 bonus tracks

Kicking things off with two of the most bizarre metal cover selections imaginable (“Mr. Sandman” and a lightning-paced, double-kick version of “Surfin’ U.S.A.”), Forgotten Tales is mixed bag of counter-intuitive tributes and mellowed-out retreads from the Blind Guardian catalog. It might be possible that this lightweight effort is more of a palette cleansing than the halfhearted recording that it appears to be upon first inspection — considering that this experiment was released just before the incredibly ambitious Nightfall in Middle-Earth and A Night at the Opera. Speaking of Queen titles, “Spread Your Wings” is easily Forgotten Tales’ shining moment. Not so surprisingly, the rock & roll treatment of “Barbara Ann/Long Tall Sally” works much better than the metal-ized pop and rock covers mentioned above. The seven Blind Guardian remakes are consistently slow, earnest, and boring, so for those curious about the laid-back Blind Guardian, Forgotten Tales offers more than a little insight into the group’s less serious side. Otherwise, there isn’t much that will hold the interest of most prog/speed metal fans.

Track list:
1. Mr. Sandman-Pat Ballard cover
2. Surfin USA-Beach Boys cover
3. Bright Eyes
4. Lord Of The Rings
5. The Wizard-Uriah Heep cover
6. Spread Your Wings-Queen cover
7. Mordred’s Song
8. Black Chamber
9. The Bard’s Song
10. Barbara Ann / Long Tall Sally-Beach Boys cover
11. A Past And Future Secret
12. To France-Mike Oldfield cover
13. Theatre Of Pain
14. Hallelujah-Fleetwood Mac cover
15. Beyond The Realms Of Death-Judas Priest cover
16. Don’t Talk To Strangers-Dio cover
17. Mr. Sandman-enhanced video
18. The Bard’s Song-enhanced video

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0946 3 96518 2 5 / 396 5182

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