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Blind Guardian ‎–War Of Wrath d/cd


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Double album in digipak.

Blind Guardian released their magnum opus Nightfall In Middle-Earth on the 28th of April 1998. This concept album based upon J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Silmarillion, a book of tales from the First Age Of Middle-earth, recounting the War of the Jewels has been hailed as many fans as the groups finest achievement. The album drawn universally positive critical acclaim since its release. Kyle Ward said that on this album “Blind Guardian laid down their finest instrumental performance to date. Everything goes hand in hand with each other, the guitars being nearly always furiously paced and extremely melodic, but not over-the-top and cheesy like many other power metal bands out there.” He singled out Hansi Kürsch’s vocals for particular praise, writing that “In every aspect and mood, Blind Guardian delivers in the vocal department. Whether the song is amazingly fast and melodic, like “Time Stands Still (At The Iron Hill)” or whether the mood is somber and slow (“The Eldar”) you are sure to be hit in the face with a simply remarkable feat in terms of vocal achievement, one of the finest vocal performances I have ever seen on a metal album. Vincent Jeffries gave a similarly glowing assessment of the album, describing the album as “complete with anthemic choruses, spoken word story lines, and plenty of bombastic power metal punctuating every dramatic turn” and “perhaps Blind Guardian’s most triumphant effort”. This double album features live material recorded during the tour following that album. The material is taken from a show at the Capitol in Hannover on the 15th of June 1998 and from The Babylon in Munich five days later. There are also 8 bonus tracks from Markthalle in Hamburg 6 years earlier. Overall its a massive release that most Blind Guardian fans that love the grandiose 1998 era of the band.

Track list:
1. Intro: War Of Wrath-live Hannover 1998
2. Into The Storm-live Hannover 1998
3. Lost In The Twillight Hall-live Hannover 1998
4. Ashes To Ashes-live Hannover 1998
5. Nightfall-live Hannover 1998
6. Valhalla-live Hannover 1998
7. The Script For My Requiem-live Hannover 1998
8. Mordred’s Song-live Hannover 1998
9. The Bard’s Song – In The Forrest-live Hannover 1998
10. The Bard’s Song – The Hobbit-live Munich 1998
11. Welcome To Dying-live Munich 1998
12. Traveller In Time-live Munich 1998
13. Thorn-live Munich 1998
14. Imaginations From The Other Side-live Munich 1998
15. When Sorrow Sang-live Hannover 1998
16. And The Story Ends-live Hannover 1998
17. Lord Of The Rings-live Hannover 1998
18. Mirror, Mirror-live Hannover 1998
19. Barbara Ann-live Hannover 1998
20. Final Chapter (Thus Ends)-live Hannover 1998
21. Inquisition-live Hamburg 1992
22. Banish From Sanctuary-live Hamburg 1992
23. Journey Through The Dark-live Hamburg 1992
24. The Quest For Tanelorn-live Hamburg 1992
25. Time What Is Time-live Hamburg 1992
26. Don’t Break The Circle-live Hamburg 1992
27. The Piper’s Calling-live Hamburg 1992
28. Somewhere Far Beyond-live Hamburg 1992
29. Lost In The Twilight Hall-live Hamburg 1992

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