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Blind Guardian -Woodland Rock cd [green]


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Rare 1992 cd. Released with three different colours on the cd. Green, red and blue. This is the green version.

This is a great chance for anyone that wants to hear more of Blind Guardian’s old Speed Metal music. Woodland Rock captures the band live in Batschkapp, Frankfurt on the 15th of September 1992. Blind Guardian’s early classics are pretty much all on here–Banish From Sanctuary and Welcome To Dying are probably the two best ones on here. The crowd is great and is very excited–they’re always enthusiastic and they erupt with cheers at all the right points. This is blazing speed metal from beginning to end. Blind Guardian turned into a really good power metal band later in the 90s, but for the first few years of their career, they were all out speed metal, and this album reflects a lot of that.

Track listing:
1. Intro – Banish From Sanctuary
2. Traveller In Time
3. Journey Through The Dark
4. The Quest For Tanelorn
5. The Bards Song – In The Forrest
6. The Bards Song – The Hobbit
7. Tommyknockers
8. Valhalla
9. Time What Is Time
10. Don’t Break The Circle-Demon cover
11. Welcome To Dying
12. The Piper’s Calling – Somewhere Far Beyond
13. Lord Of The Rings

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