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Blitzkrieg -Absolute Power lp


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Black vinyl release with lyric sheet. Limited 100 copies

It had been so long since ‘Mists Of Avalon’, the anticipation for this album was immense for me. Once you listen to ‘Legion’ your wait is rewarded with the grinding, razor sharp riff opener. This song is truly a highlight of the album but by far the best. Second track ‘Soul stealer’ gives you a sense of change somewhat for the Krieg lads, Ross’ vocals are deeper and darker. ‘Face Of Death’ delivers us the same notch of speed and grind as on legion, once again I cant get over how much Ross’ vocals have developed. Another favourite on the album is ‘Enchanted Tower’, the soothing intro, the chord crunching bridge and synthesisers form to bind a great heavy metal song. ‘Terror Zone’ is a breath of fresh air after the previous, its dark sounding melody will have you hooked. The verse itself had me, however I will always appreciate a song that can change gears between riffs. ‘Dark city’ is about the movie with the same name. This song tributes and aids to what was a great film, (by the way the matrix ripped off this film). Watch out for the double bass in this, it will rattle your ears. Another classic is ‘Who Takes The Fall?’ Ross’ vocals carry the song, and the lyrics accomplish what becomes another melodic classic. It follows by ‘DV8R’, ‘Metalizer’ and the stunning ‘Feel The Pain’. This is what I call a comeback album, no weak moments at all and this might even be Blitzkriegs best album ever. If you’re a fan of traditional metal you’ll love this one, this music is not for the weak or glam hearted alike. Long live the Krieg!

Track listing:
1. Legion
2. Soul Stealer
3. Who Takes The Fall
4. Enchanted Tower
5. We’ll Rock Forever
6. Terror Zone
7. Hamunaptra
8. Dark City
9. The Face Of Death
10. DV8R
11. Metalizer
12. Feel The Pain

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High Roller Records

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HRR 636