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Blood Feast -Remnants lp


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Double album on black vinyls

New Jersey’s Blood Feast were a fine thrash metal band of its time but they were hardly front page news…and for a reason. It was a great thrash era and many acts was influenced by Slayer, but many of the their songs sounds like a bunch of Slayer songs with a vocalist who at best could be said as a more grotesque attempt to one-up Jeff Becerra of Possessed. So back then this wasn’t a band that sounded any unique at all. But taking a trip now down the memory lane and re-discovering many of the overlooked 80s band you find new things to discover all the time and you do re-appreciate many of these old bands now that have become some sort of cult underground acts with time. Remnants is one of those album that collects the bands demos as well as other previously unreleased tracks. So if you do love thrash metal and missed out on Blood Feast the first time around then dont do the same mistake twice

Track list:
1. Menacing Thunder-from Suicidal Mission demo
2. The Evil-from Suicidal Mission demo
3. Blood Lust-from Suicidal Mission demo
4. Suicidal Mission-from Suicidal Mission demo
5. Kill For Pleasure-pre-production demo
6. Vampire-pre-production demo
7. Holocaust-unreleased
8. Trail Of Death-unreleased
9. Black Diamond-Kiss cover
10. Curse Of The Womb
11. Menacing Thunder-live

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