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Blood Vomit – Up From The Grave


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In an age of death metal where it seems like evvery single band is over-triggered and plays nothing but blast beats for 45 minutes at a time, resulting in a record that sounds like a fat guy farting into a microphone, Up from the Grave is a very welcomed release to me. It's very old-school, and as you listen, you are occasionally hit with an awesome, crunchy, headbanging riff. Again, as I said, the rest of it is fairly run of the mill, but at 33 minutes, it's not exactly hard to sit through. It could be a lot, LOT worse. The guitar sound on here is, for all intensive purposes, a knock-off of the Celtic Frost/Obituary sound: buzzy and very evil sounding. It works well, especially on the many slower, doomier passages on here. Remember that Blood Vomit is a one man band. This means that there is indeed a drum machine present. This seems to be an immediate red light for many people, and I understand why: some bands, like Mortician, haven't bought a new drum machine since 1982, and it sounds awkward and very unintimidating. Mr. Barnard actually did a pretty good job of coming up with some cool grooves and fills, and over all it's appropriate and doesn't sound too weird. This album makes fun, nostalgic, strangely charming for half an hour. It's basically something you'd put on when you're hammered and want something quick and satisfying, or even as background noise when you're with your buddies or something. Track listing: 1. Up From The Grave 2. Human Butcher 3. Murderous Rage 4. Night of the Unclean Spirit 5. Disemboweled 6. The Shredder 7. Madman of the Woods 8. The Hunger

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