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Bloodbath -Survival Of The Sickest lp


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Black vinyl

Bloodbath’s sixth full-length album, Survival Of The Sickest, offers no respite from the horrors of reality. Instead, with the addition of new guitarist Tomas Plytet Åkvik (Lik) onboard, Bloodbath’s latest and greatest album gleefully confronts the slavering ghoul lurking in the shadows, and treats him to ten songs of ripping death metal frenzy. From the thuggish brain-smash of opener Zombie Inferno, to the bleak, obsidian ooze of the closing No God Before Me, this is the sound of a great band in blistering form. In contrast with The Arrow Of Satan Is Drawn, which borrowed heavily from the blackened end of the death metal world, the 2022 album goes straight for the jugular in true old school fashion. With strong echoes of everything from Morbid Angel and Death through to Deicide and Obituary, songs like the rampaging Putrefying Corpse, the disgustingly slow and heavy Dead Parade, and the deliciously twisted Tales Of Melting Flesh breathe fresh fire into an arcane, perpetually rotting formula. Alongside Bloodbath’s official alumni, Survival Of The Sickest boasts a smattering of irresistible cameos from the great, good and ghoulish of the metal underground, including Barney Greenway (Napalm Death), Luc Lemay (Gorguts) and Marc Grewe (Morgoth). On Survival Of The Sickest, the band evoke their most horrifying sonic scenarios to date, from the death-by-munching nightmare of Malignant Maggot Therapy, to the murderous nihilism of Affliction Of Extinction. A glorious comeback from a legendarily wicked musical force. This is death metal at its ugly best: vicious, unrelenting and irrevocably sworn to the black. Time for another Bloodbath

Track list:
1. Zombie Inferno
2. Putrefying Corpse-featuring Barney Greenway
3. Dead Parade
4. Malignant Maggot Therapy
5. Carved-featuring Luc Lemay
6. Born Infernal-featuring Luc Lemay
7. To Die-featuring Marc Grewe
8. Affliction Of Extinction
9. Tales Of Melting Flesh
10. Environcide
11. No God Before Me

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