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Bloodbath -Unblessing The Purity 10″ [original]


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10″ on black vinyl with gatefold cover. First press with B969465-01 A1 MK matrix

If Bloodbath is new to you and you only know them due to Akerfeldt’s fame in Opeth then Bloodbath may or may not be your cup of tea. Non present here is the progressive/folk stylings that Opeth include into their music, neither are the melodic style guitar lines that can on occasion feature. This is brutal death metal, but it’s as tight and precise and any Opeth record. Don’t expect to hear Akerfeldt’s trademark clean vocal, here he shows us just how evil and nasty he can sound, almost like the devil himself is recording this record. The opener Blasting The Virginborn is absolutely rampant with now Opeth collegue Martin ‘Axe’ Axenrot displaying perfect drumming technicality and precision with each blast beat, not to mention the slow and sludgy breakdown featuring Nystrom and Eriksson showcasing their amazing duel wielding capability with a hefty solo to boot. The rest of this ep follows suit, blast beats, tremolo style picking, squealing solo’s, death grunts and of course gore, guts, satan etc. In short this is nothing new or original, but it’s some damn awesome death metal and beats the shit out of the majority of todays ‘Fringecore’ death metal bands.

Track listing:
1. Blasting The Virginborn
2. Weak Aside
3. Sick Salvation
4. Mouth of Empty Praise

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