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Bloodbound -Tabula Rasa cd


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Tabula Rasa is the third album for Sweden’s Bloodbound, a band who have successfully positioned themselves to be the next rising star to emerge from the extremely fertile Scandinavian metal scene. For the past four years the band, who’s cannon-packed sound is as melodic as it is aggressive, have been hard at work carving credentials into the landscape of talent-rich and extremely competitive Swedish metal scene. The band has received many accolades and honors, but none more important than the personal endorsements of their peers. The band has toured with such greats as Hammerfall, Arch Enemy, Dark Tranquility, Evergrey and Pretty Maids.

Track listing:
1. Sweet Dreams of Madness
2. Dominion 5
3. Take One
4. Tabula Rasa
5. Night Touches You
6. Tabula Rasa, Pt. 2 (Nothing At All)
7. Plague Doctor
8. Master of My Dreams
9. Twisted Kind of Fate
10. All Rights Reserved

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