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Bloodbound ‎–Unholy Cross lp [red]


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2022 vinyl release on red vinyl.

The Swedish Power Metal Force Bloodbound gained a remarkable standing with their three records since 2006. After the modern hard rock of ‘Tabula Rasa’ (2009) the fourth album ‘Unholy Cross’ can be considered as a return to traditional virtues, because ‘Unholy Cross’ is from the very first moment on finest power metal interweaved with those sublime melodies Bloodbound are famous for. Starting with the anthemic opener ‘Moria’ this album will capture you and is never going to let you go. It is right here where you can admire singer Patrik Johansson for the first time in action. His voice is just predestined for this kind of music and puts an incredible depth into ‘Unholy Cross’. Thats the reason why songs like the emotional half ballad ‘Brothers Of War’ (maybe the finest song of that kind since Hammerfalls ‘Glory To The Brave’) or the strong ‘The Ones We Left Behind’ as well as up-tempo-tracks such as ‘In The Dead Night’ become outstanding compositions on an album which is on the highest level from the first second on. But also production-wise ‘Unholy Cross’ has to be considered the most mature and high-class Bloodbound output so far, with nobody less but Jonas Kjellgren (Sonic Syndicate, Scar Symmetry) taking care of mixing and mastering

Track listing:
1. Moria
2. Drop The Bomb
3. The Ones We Left Behind
4. Reflections Of Evil
5. In For The Kill
6. Together We Fight
7. The Dark Side Of Life
8. Brothers Of War
9. Message From Hell
10. In The Dead Of Night
11. Unholy Cross

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