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Bloodgut ‎–Perennial Bloodbather cd


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Bloodgut was a band formed by Paganizer members Rogga Johansson and drummer Matthias Fiebig but the band was put to rest after their second album, entiteld Nekrologikum Evangelikum Pt.II: Furnace World, in 2011. However Rogga resurrected this project in 2019 and this time the line-up featured Nicke Olsson on drums, ex-Amon Amarth member Anders Biazzi on bass and Håkan Stuvemark from Wombbath on guitar. Vocals are shared between Rogga and Håkan except for the brutal opening and title track Perennial Bloodbather, which has Dave Rotten from Avulsed on vocals.

Track list:
1. Perennial Bloodbather
2. The Burning Nightsky
3. The Sword Of The Dead
4. Stratosphere Riders
5. From Mars On Solar Winds
6. Travel Towards Blood
7. Prism Prisoner
8. Voorhees
9. Decay At Its Best
10. Apocalypse Overture
11. From The Boling Graves

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