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Bloodstained Resurrection ‎–Praeludium Ad Praecipitium cd


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Bloodstained Resurrection is an underground black metal act from Antofagasta in Chile. The band started out back in 2015 and have been quite true to the underground scene by releasing their two albums, Praeludium Ad Praeciptium (2016) and Flames Veneration (2021), by themselves in a small amount of approx 100 copies and without any distribution. They have an youtube channel but otherwise its hardly any chance you will stumble upon their music in a record store, unless youre in Chile where some copies have been spread. Satanism and Occultism as well as the end of mankind is what drives this band forward. If youre interested to get a black metal album that not many have then get this fast because our stock is limited

Track list:
1. Angel Evoker Of Pestilence
2. Possesion
3. Artifacts Of Holy Extermination
4. Flames Veneration
5. Angel Evoker Of Pestilence-live
6. Possesion-live

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