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Blut Aus Nord –Disharmonium lp [purple]


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Purple vinyl with gatefold cover, poster, insert and slipcase

Following up the purported new era of melodicism ushered in by 2019’s lauded Hallucinogen, this new work of art presents seven mesmerizing tracks of bleakly-maximalist harmonic unease and challenges, once again, all expectations. Comparable to naught except Blut Aus Nord, the inimitable leads, eroded melodies and uncanny vocal textures of Disharmonium ooze and uncoil, leeching into vast hyper-skilled rhythmic structures which traverse sea-mountains of madness towards lightless echelons far beyond comprehension. This 2022 album from the French avant black-and-death outfit is just dripping with cosmic doom amd inescapable Lovecraftian majesty. Of course Blut Aus Nord has long since exploded the category of black metal, and this new music is another innovative sonic production that defies categorization. I might call it progressive blackened doom metal, but the band has been quoted in reviews using the description bleakly-maximalist harmonic unease.

Track list:
1. Chants Of The Deep Ones
2. Tales Of The Old Dreamer
3. Into The Woods
4. Neptunes Eye
5. That Cannot Be Dreamed
6. Keziah Mason
7. The Apotheosis Of The Unnamable

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Debemur Morti Productions

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