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Bokluk -Taphonomy cd


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Bokluk, whatever that name could possibly mean, is an old school Death Metal band from Spain. Though, I’m not totally sure how ‘old school’ they actually are -besides the fact that they don’t use any extreme scale guitars or deep down tuning- Bokluk certainly carries that skull crushing quality that extreme metal fanatics are keen of. Lyrically, frontman Alex has that guttural style going on – the kind where you really can’t understand what he sings so you have to look up the lyrics in the booklet. The album has both its hits and misses. Sometimes im not-so-excited when some songs feels the are re-using their own riffs however when its good, like on the title track, then it really kills.

Track list:
1. Psyche
2. Nomenclature 22Q13
3. Nausea
4. Creed Of Excruciation
5. Excrement
6. The Raw
7. Neoteny Disclosure
8. Mindfuck Self
9. Taphonomy

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