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Bolt Thrower -Realm Of Chaos lp


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2017 re-issue on black vinyl with insert.

The second full-length from English death/grindcore outfit Bolt Thrower, Realm of Chaos hardly qualifies as one of the band’s best, but the differences between each recording from the war-obsessed Brits are barely distinguishable. Their wash of sludgy, detuned guitars and bass, punctuated with hyper-kinetic drumming and hoarse vocal grunting, is a career constant and very much present on this 1989 Earache/Combat offering. Earlier efforts like Realm of Chaos possess a pronounced death metal flavor that some fans might prefer to the mid-tempo grind of later issues from the group. There are no real highlights on this disc, as each track is nearly identical. The performances are spirited but a little sloppy, adding to the music’s anonymous quality. Listeners curious about Bolt Thrower would be wise to check out the band’s mid-’90 releases before entering the Realm of Chaos.

Track listing:
1. Intro
2. Eternal War
3. Through The Eye Of Terror
4. Dark Millennium
5. All That Remains
6. Lost Souls Domain
7. Plague Bearer
8. World Eater
9. Drowned In Torment
10. Realm Of Chaos
11. Outro

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