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Bolt Thrower -The IVth Crusade lp [white]


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2023 white vinyl re-release on full dynamic range edition. Limited 300 copies

The IVth Crusade ranks as one of Bolt Thrower’s more powerful and consistent albums, raging with venom and unrestrained fury. It’s a record that proves why the group was one of the leaders of the underground metal scene of the late ’80s and early ’90s. Few other groups matched Bolt Thrower in terms of pummelling, harsh sonic brutality. Front cover ‘Entry Of The Crusaders Into Constantinople’ painted by Delacroix in 1840.

Track listing:
1. The Fourth Crusade
2. Icon
3. Embers
4. Where Next To Conquer
5. As The World Burns
6. This Time Its War
7. Ritual
8. Spearhead
9. Celestial Sanctuary
10. Dying Creed
11. Through The Ages-outro

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