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Bone Gnawer -Primal Cuts cd


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2022 re-issue with 4 bonus tracks and new cover artwork.

Horror N Gore connoisseurs Bone Gnawer released two cds and a bunch of Eps during active six years. The band, consisting of two legends in death metal, Rogga Johansson (Ribspreader and Paganizer) and vocalist Kam Lee (Death, Massacre and Mantas). The band were fueled by raging riff-work that took the best from both the Swedish and Floridian style of death metal. This means you will have plenty of vicious riffs mixed with Lee’s growling while dealing depraved horror lyrics. This compilation album features the bands singles and Eps as well as four tracks from the unreleased Zombies vs Cannibals mini album. Fans of Rogga need this one as well as anyone that enjoys Kam Lee’s voice as he has the ability to re-captured the magic of early death metal.

Track list:
1. Back To The Butchery-from Scissored EP 2010
2. Leave Her To The Cleaver-from Scissored EP 2010
3. Scissored-from Scissored EP 2010
4. And Now The Terror Starts-from the split with Bonesaw 2009
5. Cannibal Confessions-from the split with Bonesaw 2009
6. Hacked-n-Slashed-from the split with Bonesaw 2009
7. Carved-from the Carved EP 2012
8. Vorarephillia (Her Sweet Meat)-from the Carved EP 2012
9. Beware The Cross-from Zombies Vs Cannibals
10. Eat Or Be Eaten-from Zombies Vs Cannibals
11. Zombies Vs Cannibals-from Zombies Vs Cannibals
12. Cannibal Cravings (Attack Of The Face Eater)-from Zombies Vs Cannibals
13. The Female Butcher-from Canale Di Carneficina EP 2015
14. Channel Of Carnage-from Canale Di Carneficina EP 2015
15. Circle Of The Cannibals-from Canale Di Carneficina EP 2015
16. It Shall Have Blood-demo version-from Canale Di Carneficina EP 2015

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