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Bonehunter ‎–Rabid Sonic Fire cd


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Bonhunter from Oulo, Finland was formed back in 2011. This is a band that have been very productive during their short history. Rabid Sonic Fire is a compilation album featuring the bands 7″, EPs and various unreleased tracks recorded between 2012 and 2014. This is filthy Finnish thrash metal punk.

Track list:
1. Bitchcraft
2. Sweet Metal Fuck
3. Devil’s Armageddon
4. Turn Up The Evil
5. Gospel Of Satan
6. War 666-Abigail cover
7. Tap-Midnight cover
8. O.M.E.K.O.
9. Carnivore Pornowhore
10. S.T.D.
11. Menstrual Vampire
12. Yakuza Death
13. Death Comes Ripping-Misfits cover
14. Motorpenis-Impaled Nazarene cover
15. Syphilitic, Baby!
16. Sex & Necromancy
17. Saturday Night Nasty Deed
18. Graveyard Love
19. Motor City
20. Death Agonies And Screams-G.I.S.M. cover
21. Venomous Stench-Desaster cover

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