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Bonesaw / Haemophagus -Split cd


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Excellent old school Death from Scotland and Italy. Brand new material from both bands. The Sicilian sickos, Haemophagus, turns out 5 originals and a Napalm Death cover. Bonesaw, who hail from Aberdeen, Scotland, really digs down into the filthy underbelly of life. It’s a blood-caked abomination that will contaminate all who listen to it. It features 4 originals and one Massacre cover. Fans of dirty scum-encrusted death metal should like this split. Death metal shouldn’t be pretty, it should be as ugly as a traffic accident, and these Scottish and Italian marauders are calling the ambulance.

Track list:
1. Bonesaw -Dirt Blood Junkie
2. Bonesaw -Your Murder
3. Bonesaw -Symbolic Immortality-Massacre cover
4. Bonesaw -Total Necro Fasciitis
5. Bonesaw -Co-Ed Killer
6. Haemophagus -White Worm Hallucination
7. Haemophagus -The Blood Eaters’ Revenge
8. Haemophagus -Posthumous Execution
9. Haemophagus -Watercorpse
10. Haemophagus -Creature of the Abyss
11. Haemophagus -Malicious Intent-Napalm Death cover

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