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Bonesaw -Local Death Metal cd


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The last chapter in the Bonesaw canon. Recorded live in their hometown of Aberdeen at the second last gig ever on the 1st of August 2014. Excellent soundboard quality while still retaining the raw energy of real local Death Metal. Contains all the hits (Smack Zombie, Riot In The House Of Worship, Zombified, Filthy Christian etc). The album also features an unreleased studio track from the Repuked split session as an added bonus. Limited to 500 copies

Track list:
1. Smack Zombie
2. Filthy Christian
3. Gutless Fuck
4. The Stench Of Dead, Dirty Ass
5. Granite Hell Pt II
6. Zombified
7. Your Murder
8. Dark Hallucinations
9. Dirt Blood Junkie
10. Riot In The House Of Worship
11. Deathmatch
12. Beinn Shitaidh-studio track

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Aphelion Productions

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AP 097