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Borgne -Trilogy 5lp [red/box]


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Still sealed 5-lp box set with 17-minutes of new and exclusive-to-this-vinyl-box audio material and a 16-page vinyl-sized booklet. Red with black splatter version. Limited 150 copies

After the mechanical fury of IV (released in 2009), Borgne returned with a more complex and torturous trilogy of albums during the next 5 years. On the first album in the trilogy, Entraves De L’ame, the band showed that they were album to include even more eerie moments. On the album, Borgne mastermind Bornyhake allied himself with Xasthur´s Malefic and Vinterriket´s CZ who supply very haunting keyboard pieces to the music. This album was the bands major breakthrough where they finally found their sound. It was followed by Royaume Des Ombres (2012) and Regne Des Morts (2015) to complete the trilogy. Borgne is different than most other industrial and ambient black metal acts as they adds chaotic orchestrations to their misanthropic ambient black metal. For fans of Darkspace, Blut Aus Nord and Xasthur

Track list:
1. Drown In Nothingness-from Entraves De Lame
2. Tainted Utopia-from Entraves De Lame
3. Die Trying to Take Off the Rope-from Entraves De Lame
4. Moorwanderung-from Entraves De Lame
5. Dark Mirror-from Entraves De Lame
6. Suffering to Buy Our Poison-from Entraves De Lame
7. The Plague-from Entraves De Lame
8. Fall Of The Lost Souls-from Royaume Des Ombres
9. Suffer As I Paid My Grave-from Royaume Des Ombres
10. In The Realm Of The Living I’m Dead-from Royaume Des Ombres
11. Only The Dead Can Be Heard-from Royaume Des Ombres
12. All These Screams Through Me-from Royaume Des Ombres
13. The Last Thing You Will See-from Royaume Des Ombres
14. Your Flesh Is My Temple-from Royaume Des Ombres
15. Void Miasma-from Regne Des Morts
16. I Love You-from Regne Des Morts
17. When Swans Are Choking-from Regne Des Morts
18. Everything Is A Fallacy-from Regne Des Morts
19. Abysmal Existence-from Regne Des Morts
20. Fear-from Regne Des Morts
21. The Kingdom Of The Dead-from Regne Des Morts
22. L’Odeur De La Mort-from Regne Des Morts

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