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With his glammed-up good looks and commercial songwriting skills, Bret Michaels became one of rock n roll’s most recognizable frontmen during the 1980s. Poison’s popularity took a hit in the 90s, however, when the advent of grunge music (not to mention the group’s unstable line-up) resulted in sluggish sales. Poison continued to record sporadically, but Bret Michaels also took time to focus on other projects, eventually launching a film company with actor Charlie Sheen. He also made his solo debut in 1998 with Letter from Death Row, the soundtrack to a movie that Michaels wrote, directed, and co-produced with Sheen. When you get Michaels first solo album then don’t expect to hear another Poison sounding album. Michaels has captured in this music the raw emotions of love, sex, cynicism, and rage — this music is blues, rock, ballad, all rolled into one fantastic music experience. With the exception of a couple of tracks (too much rap influence in these, sorry!), the songs show the broad range of Bret Michaels talent. Especially great are Party Rock Band, The Last Breath, The Devil Inside and 69. The album also features guest appearances by C.C. DeVille and Rikki Rockett. It helps to see the movie to understand some of the songs and where they come from, but his vocal ability and incredible song writing speak for themselves. Bret still knows how to flat out rock

Track listing:
1. Party Rock Band
2. Human Zoo
3. The Last Breath
4. Id Die For You
5. Times Like These
6. Little Willy
7. The Devil Inside
8. A Letter From Death Row
9. Sounds Of Sex
10. 69
11. Angst Mary
12. Steel Bar Blues / Violent Endings

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