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Brighter Death Now – Greatest Death


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This is indeed dark music, although some wouldn't call this music. An album filled with all sort of monstrosities, pains and tortures. The background growls just add up to the already terrifying atmosphere. You will be transported to a universe of hate and fear while listening to these unusual sounds. This is a kind of album that should please fans of Cold Meat Industry-type stuff. Since it's their ‘best of the best’ there's a little bit for everyone–harsh noisy gore, sickly ambience, and horror-ridden death industrial scrapes and hisses. My favorite track is the 12 min. long ‘Mortarium’. It features deathly roars of some primordial beast that is devouring sacrificial virgins, with a tribe of cannibals, doing ritualistic drumming in the background. May all be dead! Track listing: 1. Adipocere 2. Anvus Praeparati 3. Female Blood 4. Laudate Dominium I 5. Evisceration 6. Gore 7. Mortarium 8. Moribound 9. Urinated

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Cold Meat Industry

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