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Brimstone Coven ‎–Black Magic dlp [sand]


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Double album on sand colored vinyls with gatefold cover, poster and one side laser etched. Limited to 300 numbered copies

The name Brimstone Coven strikes a chord. At once, the moniker feels like something out of 60s occult scene and the music that was influenced by it over the next two decades, starting with but certainly not ending with Black Sabbath‘s legendary debut. When the idea for this band crept into my thoughts, says guitarist/mastermind Corey Roth, I knew that it needed to have that late 60s/early 70s, sound mixed with a creepy/witchy vibe that those years had going on. The brimstone, sulfur or leviathan cross was a symbol that had always stood out to me and I knew that at some point, I wanted to use it for a band or project. With all of those ingredients stirring around my mind, Brimstone Coven was born. Musically, the quartet are cut from the same cloth as Black Sabbath, Pentagram, and Led Zeppelin, but Brimstone Coven are also informed by the psychedelic movements of, say, Pink Floyd. The West Virginians are heavy, heavy, heavy, but also have a penchant for pushing the atmospheric envelope when the mood fits. The 2016 long player Black Magic has a nice mixture of tracks, grins vocalist Williams. We felt the three-part harmonies were very important on this album. We receive a ton of comments on how awesome they were on the old tracks and how they are a staple of the band. We didn’t want to flood the album with harmonies, but wanted to give enough to satisfy the ears of the listeners. Those harmonies have always added a silky smooth edge to the rock ‘n’ roll. A few of the tracks have a more retro feel than what we’ve done before, but to me still keep that Brimstone groove. I’m sure to a true Brimstoner Black Magic will keep them very satisfied and hopefully pull in some more. Overall, we are really excited about how Black Magic turned out.

Track list:
1. Black Magic
2. Black Unicorn
3. Beyond The Astral
4. As We Fall
5. Upon The Mountain
6. Slow Death
7. The Seers
8. The Plague
9. Forsaken
10. The Eldest Tree

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