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Brocas Helm – Into Battle


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2005 cd re-issue with new artwork and including ‘Into Battle’ demo 1983 and a video live track from 1983 as bonus Brocas Helm is one of those true heavy metal bands from the United States, like Manilla Road, who don't nearly get the credit they deserve. While ‘Into Battle’ may not be the most original piece of traditional metal you've ever heard but it's done very convincingly and with style. Fans of NWOBHM take heed, for this bares a striking resemblance to a lot of what was going on in England a mere couple of years previously. You have your occasional guitar harmonies, well played solos, and riffs that run the gamut from all out rocking to epic. I would say that this reminds me of Angel Witch a little, and there are also some nods to Iron Maiden, Motorhead and…well, I'm not sure if they actually predated this band or not, but Omen might be another good reference point. A few of the songs sort of drift by, but on the other hand you can't help but be grabbed by songs like ‘Metallic Fury’, one of the better all-out rockers, and the epic ‘Beneath A Haunted Moon’ or the stand-out tracks ‘Dark Rider’. When this band is in their epic, slightly strange mood, they really sound quite captivating. Note that when I say epic in this case, I don't mean long, sprawling compositions. None of the songs here are over six minutes in length, but they sometimes use a pretty extensive set of riffs in these tunes and this, in conjunction with the atmosphere they set up, gives a real sense of scope and breadth that other bands would sometimes take ten minutes just to hint at. I think this latter point may be one of Brocas Helm's greatest strengths. Do check this out if you are at all enthusiastic about '80s true heavy metal…my guess is that you won't be disappointed. Track listing: 1. Metallic Fury 2. Into Battle 3. Here To Rock 4. Beneath A Haunted Moon 5. Warriors Of The Dark 6. Preludious-instrumental 7. Ravenwreck 8. Dark Rider 9. Night Siege 10. Into The Ithilstone Bonus: 11. Into Battle 12. Ravenwrek 13. Into The Ithilstone 14. Here To Rock 15. Beneath A Haunted Moon 16. Ravenwreck-video

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