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Bruce Dickinson ‎–Tattooed Millionaire dcd


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Remastered and expanded edition in jewelcase with bonus cd

In 1990, Bruce Dickinson was restless. He yearned for a change. After several years in the limelight with one of the world’s premier metal bands Iron Maiden, he was ready to move on. Tattooed Millionaire was his first solo album. This is an outstanding rock album with additional fire and crispness, more than it ever had. For the diehard followers of his former group this came as a big surprise. He took a more conservative approach, leaving behind the intricate and classic metal sound of his former mates in favor of a more structured definitive rock-pop direction. Although this may have been a disappointment to some his fans, it was a great recording that proved he was a diverse lead singer with more range and flexibility than most people could have possibly imagined.

Track listing:
1. Son Of A Gun
2. Tattooed Millionaire
3. Born In ’58
4. Hell On Wheels
5. Gypsy Road
6. Dive! Dive! Dive!
7. All The Young Dudes
8. Lickin The Gun
9. Zulu Lulu
10. No Lies
11. Bring Your Daughter…To The Slaughter-original soundtrack version
12. Ballad Of Mutt
13. Winds Of change
14. Darkness Be My Friend
15. Sin City
16. Dive! Dive! Dive!-live
17. Riding With The Angels-live
18. Sin City-live
19. Black Night-live
20. Son Of A Gun-live
21. Tattooed Millionaire-live

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