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Bruce Dickinson ‎–Afterglow Of Ragnarok 7″


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Deluxe vinyl single in gatefold cover with comic book

All has come to nothing
The world is only dust
Now the bridge is broken
There’s a fire in the ice

Afterglow Of Ragnarok is the first single from Bruce Dickinsons first solo album since 2005, The Mandrake Project. Written with longtime songwriting partner and bandmate Roy Z, Afterglow Of Ragnarok is a thumping track anchored a burly, bruising yet boisterous riff and flanked by Dickinson’s still impressive vocal range and knack for shimmering hooks. Dickinson has expressed that The Mandrake Project is more than just an album, with a companion graphic novel series arriving next year along with the record, which means Afterglow Of Ragnarok will also have to be appreciated with proper context. Despite it’s non-epic runtime, the single certainly feels episodic with moody, mystical passages countering Roy Z’s bouncing riffs.

Track list:
1. Afterglow Of Ragnarok
2. If Eternity Should Fail-demo

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