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Brujeria – Raza Odiada


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For Raza Odiada, the follow-up to their well-received debut, Brujeria seemingly invested a bit more time into their efforts, recording a slightly more elaborately written and performed album. Still, it's still mighty exorbitant, once again pushing the whole narco-satantist motif to its logical grindcore extreme — no doubt to the glee of many listeners, who should find much delight upon translating the floridly cryptic Spanish-language song titles. The musical offerings here should be likewise delightful for grindheads, who should find much to relish here as these songs are downright pummeling — in a good way, of course. It all amounts to an above-the-fray grindcore album, given its Spanish eccentricities as well as its musical professionalism. Granted, Raza Odiada plays like a sequel and thus lacks the element of surprise that had made Brujeria's debut, Matando Güeros (1993), such a memorable first listen, but still…es muy bien — ¡sí, sí! Tracklist: 1. Raza odiada (Pito Wilson) 2. Colas de rata 3. Hechando chingasos (Grenudo locos II) 4. La migra (Cruza la frontera II) 5. Revolución 6. Consejos narcos 7. Almas de venta 8. La ley de plomo 9. Los tengo colgando (Chingo de mecos II) 10. Sesos humanos (Sacrificio IV) 11. Primer meco 12. El patron 13. Hermanos Menendez 14. Padre nuestro 15. Ritmos satanicos

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