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Budgie -Live At The BBC 1972 lp


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This is an amazing album as it catches Welsh metallurgists Budgie at a very distinct phase of their development — at the outset of their career, in 1972, when their self-titled debut album was still alerting discerning listeners to the sheer ambition and power of their presence. 4 studio tracks from a John Peel session on the 25th of February 1982 and 4 tracks recorded live at the Paris Theatre in London on the 19th of October 1972.The four songs from the John Peel Studio session can still shatter speakers and Budgie live is always a must hear experience as many of their live cuts are outnumbering the studio material by a wide margin.

Track list:
1. Hot As A Doctors Armpit
2. Whiskey River
3. Nude Disentegrating Parachutist Woman
4. The Author
5. Rape of the Locks
6. Rocking Man
7. Young Is A World
8. Hot As A Doctors Armpit

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Maida Vale Records

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MV 1014

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