Bulldozer -The Day Of Wrath lp [original]


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Original Canadian pressing on Roadrunner / Attic records

“The Day of Wrath,” the first album by Italian thrash freaks Bulldozer, is an underproduced noisy mess of Venom-inspired mid 80-s thrash metal. It’s not their best album (that’d be “The Final Separation”) but does have it’s moments. The album begins with “The Exorcism,” which is exactly what it sounds like, a Catholic priest chanting as a demon growls, before breaking into whammy-bar madness. “Whiskey Time” Insurrection of the Living Damned” and “Madman” all show off some speed and good riffing, but the rest of the songs are not so memorable (again, the band’s best songs are on “Separation”). The album is a difficult listen, and would’ve sounded more powerful with better production. This was produced by Algy Ward of the band Tank, and it sounds like it was recorded on a four-track recorder in a metal garbage can. For hardcore fans of the band, this album will be an essential, and although it was a decent start for A.C. Wild and Co.(well, a band’s gotta start somewhere), the band’s other three full-length albums are much better listening, better produced and show off the diversity of the band as they grew from album to album. When you take the satanic lyrical content and evil growls of Venom, and slam them together with the riffs and speed of Motorhead, this is what you’ll end up with.

Track list:
1. The Exorcism
2. Cut-throat
3. Insurrection Of The Living Damned
4. Fallen Angel
5. The Great Deceiver
6. Mad Man
7. Whisky Time
8. Welcome Death
9. Endless Funeral

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