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Bulldozer -IX MC


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Italian pressed music cassette. Fluorescent orange cassette. Limited 140 copies

From their early days with a more Motorhead/Venom-like sound, Bulldozer had a long presence in the Italian metal scene. On IX some of the old influences are still audible, but as a whole this album is already a sufficient package of some rough thrash metal. Today Bulldozer’s sound is really more nostalgic than exactly effective, but this just applies to many other old releases as well. With some less serious overtones, many tracks are rather cheerful, some even a bit silly, and they provide enough amusement even just briefly. Maybe the best track on the whole album, Misogynists is a great piece of thrash. It’s true that in the long run this album may get somewhat tiresome, which is just due to Bulldozer’s mostly simple style. In comparison to your average thrash metal album, IX may be something of an acquired taste though it is not too difficult to learn to appreciate its straightforward nature.

Track list:
1. IX
2. Desert
3. Ilona The Very Best
4. Misogynists
5. Heavens Jail
6. Rob Klister
7. The Derby
8. No-way
9. The Vision Never Fades

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RTT (Reborn Through Tapes) Records

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