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Bulldozer was frequently referred to as Italys answer to Venom, and on the strength of their debut album, 1985s Day Of Wrath (produced by Algy Ward of Tank), it’s easy to see why this was the case. Alberto Contini’s bass and vocals both strongly resembled his Venom counterpart Cronos, and the bands messy Satanic pre-thrash metal was indeed quite similar to Venoms first couple of albums. This album features the early material that go the band signed to Roadrunner records in 1984. The album features the two track from the private pressed Fallen Angel single and a very rare 1984 demo that was thought to be lost. It was this 8-track demo that got the band a record deal. It features different and rawer versions of the songs that ended up on their debut album The Day Of Wrath. Originally only 3 copies of this demo existed, one was sent to Roadrunner Records, one to King Diamond and one was recently rediscovered by vocalist AC Wild. The B-side of the original Fallen Angel single features the track Another Beer (Is What I Need) and why this song wasnt put out on The Day Of Wrath is beyond me. This song just screams out Venom just like all their early stuff. Bulldozer has their overall own unique sound, but the Venom and Motorhead influences are quite clear. Overall any fan of the first Bulldozer albums should check this out

Track listing:
1. The Exorcism-demo 1984
2. Cut Throat-demo 1984
3. Welcome Death-demo 1984
4. Whiskey Time-demo 1984
5. Fallen Angel-demo 1984
6. Mad Men-demo 1984
7. Insurrection Of The Living Damned-demo 1984
8. The Great Deceiver-demo 1984
9. Fallen Angel-1984 EP
10. Another Beer (Its What I Need)-1984 EP

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F.O.A.D. 050