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Bullet -Heading For The Top lp


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Black vinyl with gatefold cover

Wow, talk about a kick back to 1981! This band sounds exactly like a cross between Brian Johnson era Ac/dc, Hot Rockin’ era Judas Priest, Udo era Accept with a little bit of early 80’s Scorpions thrown into the mix. Not many band these days seems to be able to pull off such a successful Heavy Metal vibe, without sounding either overtly cheesy, or straight up gay. Bullet manages to properly hone their sound of the 80s with both balls and guts and the result is nothing but awesome. Vocalist Dag Hell Hofer sounds extremely similar to Bon Scott, or even Brian Johnson of AC/DC – along with Udo from Accept. Each song is extremely catchy, with guitar riffs and original solos to boot. Heading For The Top is a fantastic merit to traditional Metal, done in a modern timesetting. What more do you need to know? Its the long lost 80s metal classic that never existed.

Track listing:
1. Midnight Riders (Riding Free)
2. Turn It Up Loud
3. Heading For The Top
4. Rambling Man
5. Hard Luck Man
6. Speeding In The Night
7. One Deal With The Devil
8. Rock Steady
9. Leather Love
10. Raise Hell
11. Bang Your Dead

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