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Burial Hordes ‎–The Termination Thesis cd [promo]


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German cd promo in promo paper sleeve.

Burial Hordes with members from, among others, Dead Congregation, Ravencult and Embrace Of Horns, roughs up the scene with their brutal, uncompromising kind of Black and Death Metal since 2001. Their concept based on unrelenting brutality and darkness mixed with a philosophy of negative energy shows that the Greeks haven’t something nice to say lyrically as well. Brutal, merciless and fast are a vague description of the nasty Black/Death bastard that Burial Hordes play. Their concept of fractious aggression combined with a dark atmosphere is full of negativity and smashes every lucky smile within seconds. The demo Entering The Untrodden Forest is already cult and also their last albums War, Revenge And Total Annihilation (2005), Devotion To Unholy Creed (2008) and Incendium (2014) left a line of destruction. In 2018 it was time again to enlarge the darkness over the sunny landscapes with the The Termination Thesis album. An album embossed by anti commercial, anti scoial, anti religous, satanic, chaotic and misanthropic ideologies. The Termination Thesis ignites an inferno and merges the hate for this world in a hellish fire – no compromise!

Track list:
1. Human Condition (Isolation-Meaninglessness-Mortality)
2. Thrownness And Fallenness Of Being
3. Lurk In The Shadows
4. Erkenntnis
5. Death Is Omnipotent
6. From Synthesis To Aposynthesis
a) Part 1: Synthesis
b) Part 2: Destruktion Of Aletheia
c) Part 3: Aposynthesis

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