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Burzum -Aske pic disc


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2022 re-issue on picture disc with gatefold cover

Burzum is the one-man project of Varg Vikernes (born Christian Vikernes, aka Count Grishnackh), perhaps the most notorious figure in Norwegian black metal. Although Burzum has an unpredictably experimental bent — encompassing black metal, industrial, electronic, and dark ambient music — Vikernes will forever be associated with his conviction for the 1993 murder of former Mayhem bandmate Euronymous. It wasn’t the first time Vikernes had run afoul of the law; he had been a suspect in arson directed at historic Norwegian churches in Bergen, a perception not helped by his use of a post-fire photograph of the Fantoft Kirke church on the cover of Burzum’s 1993 Aske EP.

Track list:
1. Stemmen Fra Tårnet
2. Dominus Sathanas
3. A Lost Forgotten Sad Spirit

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