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Callenish Circle – Forbidden Empathy


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Melodic death metal, like its sibling symphonic black metal, has a reputation for being a largely Scandinavian phenomenon — Scandinavian as in At the Gates, Age of Ruin, and Opeth; Scandinavian as in the Haunted, Khold, In Flames, and Children of Bodom. But largely Scandinavian doesn't mean exclusively Scandinavian, and noteworthy examples of melodic death metal bands can also be found in other parts of Europe as well as North America. In Holland, Callenish Circle has enjoyed a cult following since the '90s, although the Dutch headbangers didn't acquire many U.S. fans until they started recording for Metal Blade in 2002. Focusing on their pre-Metal Blade output, this two-CD set contains 29 songs that the band's North American fans may be unfamiliar with; all of the material was released in Holland in the '90s but not in the United States or Canada — and that material comes from 1996's Drift of Empathy (Callenish Circle's first official album) and 1999's Graceful Yet Forbidding as well as the 1995 demo Lovelorn. Some Americans think that 2002's Flesh Power Dominion was the first Callenish Circle album, but while that disc was their first U.S. release, the recordings on Forbidden Empathy preceded Flesh Power Dominion by three, six, or seven years — recordings that illustrate Callenish Circle's ability to provide a healthy balance of musicality and bombast. The most extreme thing about Forbidden Empathy is the vocal style; Callenish favors the type of deep, guttural, ominous growl that death metal is known for. But while the vocals are pure death metal, the song structures are right out of power metal and thrash. Track listing: 1. No Reason 2. Forgotten 3. Inner Battle (Intro) 4. Beyond 5. Broken 6. Oppressed Natives 7. Silent Tears 8. Passionate Dance (Intro) 9. Caught By Deceit 10. Shadows Of The Past 11. Alone (Outro) 12. Silent Tears 13. Epacse 14. Broken 15. Mirror Of Serenity 16. Inner Sense 17. Mental Affection 18. Slough Of Despond 19. Solitude 20. Last Words 21. The Dreamers Path 22. Disguised Ignorance 23. Where The Moon Meets The Sea Of Scars 24. Slough Of Despond 25. Disguised Ignorance 26. Lovelorn 27. Shadows 28. The Dreamers Path

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