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Can ‎–Vitamin Can dvd


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Rare dvd in digipak cover

Always at least three steps ahead of contemporary popular music, Can were the leading avant-garde rock group of the ’70s. From their very beginning, their music didn’t conform to any commonly held notions about rock & roll — not even those of the countercultures. Inspired more by 20th century classical music than Chuck Berry, their closest contemporaries were Frank Zappa or possibly the Velvet Underground. Yet their music was more serious and inaccessible than either of those artists. Instead of recording tight pop songs or satire, Can experimented with noise, synthesizers, non-traditional music, cut-and-paste techniques, and, most importantly, electronic music; each album marked a significant step forward from the previous album, investigating new territories that other rock bands weren’t interested in exploring. Throughout their career, Can’s line-up was fluid, featuring several different vocalists over the years; the core bandmembers remained keyboardist Irmin Schmidt, drummer Jaki Leibezeit, guitarist Michael Karoli, and bassist Holger Czukay. During the ’70s, they were extremely prolific, recording as many as three albums a year at the height of their career. Apart from a surprise U.K. Top 30 hit in 1978 — “I Want More” — they were never much more than a cult band; even critics had a hard time appreciating their music. The Vitamin Can dvd features some stunning material taken from various German performances done between 1970 and 1977 as well as the soundtrack to Das Millionenspeil, whcih was a German TV film made in 1970. The music to the film was composed and recorded by Can under the pseudonym, Innerspace, and performed by the German WDR Television ballet.

Track list:
1. Live 1970: Deadlock / Mother Sky
2. Live 1971: Halleluwah
3. Live 1971: Paperhouse TV Beat-Club
4. Live 1972: Vitamin C
5. TV 1974: I’m Too Leise
6. TV 1977: Dizzy, Dizzy / Don’t Say No
7. Soundtrack To ‘Das Millionspiel German TV-Film 1970

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