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Cancer -Death Shall Rise dcd


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2021 re-issue with bonus cd

While the UK had many pioneering grindcore bands such as Napalm Death, Carcass and Bolt Thrower, early on Cancer was one of the bands that sounded closest to the typical US Florida death metal sound, a trait helped by the fact that the production for this album is by Scott Burns. Yes THE legendary Scott Burns who’s famed for his production skills with giants such as Obituary, Malevolent Creation and many other big name death metal bands, so you might notice a similarity with their sound to those other groups. Their debut album To The Gory End felt very much like having your bones ripped out of your body and their follow up album continues on the same path. Its a heavy sounding album with a production much thicker and fuller sounding than their debut. The addition of James Murphy on lead guitar is definitely a plus. Check out his awesome solo in the first track Hung Drawn and Quartered. This is definitely a must have for any death metal fan whether you like old school death metal, new death metal, death grind, brutal death metal or whatever you like. Backing Vocals on ‘Hung, Drawn and Quartered’ by Glen Benton from Deicide.

Track listing:
1. Hung, Drawn And Quartered
2. Tasteless Incest
3. Burning Casket
4. Death Shall Rise
5. Back From The Dead
6. Gruesome Tasks
7. Corpse Fire
8. Internal Decay

Disc 2: Live At Wrexham Memorial Hall, Wales, 31st of August 1990
1. Intro
2. Bodycount
3. Into The Acid
4. Sentenced To The Gallows
5. Gruesome Tasks
6. Imminent Catastrophe
7. C.F.C.
8. Witch Hunt
9. Blood Bath
10. Tasteless Incest

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