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Cancer -Shadow Gripped cd


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Death metal legends Cancer returns with their first studio opus in 30 years. Anders ‘Blakkheim’ Nystrom of Bloodbath and Katatonia fame returns the favour by appearing on the album too (on the track ‘Ballcutter’). Anders recollects: “Believe it or not, but Katatonia used to play a Cancer cover in our early live sets, yup that’s right ’Burning Casket’! We then saw ourselves go on and form a little death metal band based on the opening track of ’To The Gory End’, and hey we all know that one, don’t we? Last year we ended up recording this song and put it out on a 7” ep and I thought it probably won’t get any better than this, but it did, as I was given the honour to put down a guest solo on their new ball-cutting album. Cancer return with the original core three-piece line up of John Walker on guitar/vocals, Ian Buchanan on bass and Carl Stokes on drums.

Track list:
1. Down The Steps
2. Garrotte
3. Ballcutter
4. Organ Snatcher
5. The Infocidal
6. Half Man, Half Beast
7. Crimes So Vile
8. Thou Shalt Kill
9. Shadow Gripped
10. Disposer

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