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Cancer -The Sins Of Mankind lp


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2015 press on black vinyl with two bonus tracks

Cancer had a good run in the early 90s with a string of three killer albums, this being the last one before they took a chance with the attempt to go mainstream with their 1995 album Black Faith. Cancer was a band that played a style of old-school death metal which was generally benefited from good production and solid musicianship, which clearly shines on The Sins Of Mankind. Compared to past Cancer albums this one seems to have more riffs and the vocals seem to have better rhythm and its leaning more ot thrash metal then their two previous efforts. Very easily this album could be mistaken for a 1986 release, thrash metal up your ass! Sure like I said the death metal qualities let you know just who they really are, but Cancer take it to a whole new level. The greatest factor in this album is the constant speed to it…there are not many breaks in this album with long and drawn out riffs that get tiresome. A prime example is the track Patchwork Destiny, it is just relentless and brutal. This isnt quite classic, but its pretty damned close and still impressive. Id recommend this to anyone looking for something new that might have gone unheard the first time around.

Track listing:
1. Cloak Of Darkness
2. Electro – Convulsive Therapy
3. Patchwork Destiny
4. Meat Train
5. Suffer For Our Sins
6. Pasture Of Delight / At The End
7. Tribal Bloodshed, Part I: The Conquest
8. Tribal Bloodshed, Part II: Under The Flag
9. Cloak If Darkness-working demo 1992
10. Electro-convulsive Therapy-working demo 1992

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