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Candlemass ‎–Death Magic Doom MC


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German pressed music cassette. Gold cassette with black text. Limited 300 copies

In 1985 Candlemass recorded ‘Epicus Doomicus Metallicus’ and set a standard for the whole doom metal scene with their unmistakable epic sound. It turned out to be a sign of what was coming in less than two years. The original vocalist Johan Langqvist left the band and his successor Messiah Marcolin has marked a new era for the band and the genre appearing on the even more epic, popular and by now legendary and iconic ‘Nightfall’. The monk’s vocals and style have shaped the future of Candlemass and set it apart from anything else on the scene for years to come. Messiah also turned out to be the unstable part of the band leaving and causing general hiatus in 1990. The band kept recording albums of various levels of popularity and saw Messiah’s return all the way in 2002. Together they recorded a self-titled Swedish Grammy winner ‘Candlemass’ in 2005. Despite the past times of uncertainty and inactivity Candlemass are widely recognized as an undisputed icon of doom metal. In 2007 Messiah Marcolin has parted ways with the band for good, and the frontman of Solitude Aeternus, Robert Lowe debuted on ‘King of the Grey Islands’. Robert Lowe is an amazing vocalist, his work on both albums is captivating. The band got a chance to show off their skills and delivered stunning riffs, solos and in general; a remarkable example of doom metal, which isn’t marked with genre constraints, having a touch of sludge and leaning a bit towards death/doom. ‘The Bleeding Baroness’ is the heart of epic, the ‘Hammer of Doom’ speaks for itself, while the ‘Demon of the Deep’ drops you into a mythological abyss. Enjoy one of the best doom albums of the year.

Track list:
1. If I Ever Die
2. Hammer Of Doom
3. The Bleeding Baroness
4. Demon Of The Deep
5. House Of 1000 Voices
6. Dead Angel
7. Clouds Of Dementia
8. My Funeral Dreams

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Darkness Shall Rise Records

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DSR 128

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