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Candlemass – Dactylis Glomerata [original]


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‘Dactylis Glomerata’ was Candlemass comeback album after Leif Edling decided to break the band up after Chapter VI. Before Chapter VI was released, Candlemass's long-time vocalist, Messiah Marcolin, had left the band and Chapter VI was a very different kind of album from it's predeccors and not, at the time, as popular as their old albums. The main reason why ‘Dactylis Glomerata’ sounds so different from other Candlemass albums is that some of the songs were supposed to appear on the second Abstrakt Algebra (Edlings new band) album but MFN weren't going to sign them, though they were willing to release it under the name Candlemass. The album starts up with 'Wiz' and it rocks more than most of the songs Candlemass did before. It is also very catchy with a Black Sabbathesque main riff. The next song, 'I Still See The Black', leans more in the classic doomish Candlemass style as does 'Dustflow'. 'Karthago' combines a Black Sabbathish riff with a doom metal song and 'Abstrakt Sun' has a doomish feeling but mostly it sounds more like a rock song than metal. 'Apathy' is a moody 'Planet Caravan' meets 'Electric Funeral' and 'Ludocain God' is one again a rocking, a bit thrasy even, song in the vein of 'Wiz'. What I'm trying to say here is that the album is varied, a bit patchy even, but Leif Edling has managed to keep it all together. Though most old Candlemass fans has a hard time to accept the album, it is still worth a shot. The material ranges from good to great (seems like Edling can't even compose anything poor). Line-up : Bjorn Flodkvist – Vocals Leif Edling – Bass Mike Amott -Guitar Jejo Perkovic – Drums Carl Westholm – Keyboards Guest appearances by: Ulf Edelonn: Guitars on "I Still See The Black" Ian Haugland: Drums on "I Still The Black" And "Wiz" Patrik Instedt: Guitar On "Dustflow", "Abstract Sun" And "Lidocain God" Mans P. Mansson: Korg Synthesizer and Thermin on "Dustflow" Adam Axelsson: Claypot and Hare Krishna Stuff on "Apathy" Jan Hellman: Distorted Electric Upright Bass on "Karthago" Track listing: 1. Wiz 2. I Still See The Black 3. Dustflow 4. Cylinder 5. Karthago 6. Abstrakt Sun 7. Apathy 8. Lidocain God 9. Molotov

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