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Candlemass – Doomed For Live – Reunion 2003


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Recorded by SR p3 Live at "Klubben", Stockholm, August 31st 2002. Produced by Nenne Zetterberg. Engineers: Ulf Östling and Staffan Schöljer assisted by Johan Östling. Mixed at Studio 4 by Ulf Östling and Leif Edling. Produced by Leif Edling. Disc 1 1. Mirror Mirror 2. Bewitched 3. Dark Are The Veils Of Death 4. Demon's Gate 5. Under The Oak 6. At The Gallows End 7. Samarithan 8. Dark Reflections 9. Mourners Lament 10. Black Stone Wielder Disc 2 1. The Well Of Souls 2. A Sorcerer's Pledge 3. Bearer Of Pain 4. Ancient Dreams 5. Somewhere In Nowhere 6. Solitude 7. Crystal Ball

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