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Candlemass – From The 13th Sun [original]


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Original 1999 Music For Nations release Candlemass seventh studio album ‘From The 13th Sun’ came out in at a time when many had abandoned the finest metal act ever to come out of this country. However those who bought it found a monster of an album. ‘From The 13th Sun’ delivers something new and fresh and mixes a more Hawkwind psychedelic doom with the traditional Black Sabbath riffing. As much as we would all like our beloved bands to keep on churning out the same exact album with the same exact sound over and over, it simply cannot happen. Candlemass departed from the epic sounding tones of their majestic first four albums and simply sounds over all inspired with this release. The album opens with ‘Droid’, as soon as it starts you know that only a band as amazing as Candlemass could have such a killer melody and guitar and bass tone. The vocals are not opera style, so for all of you that bitch about Messiah's vocals, you will have to check Bjorn Flodkvist out, he fits the band perfectly. Next comes ‘Tot’ a melancholic song, the rain and church bells at the beginning set the atmosphere, the horror like singing lyrics pour out of the speakers, but then like thunder monstrous guitar riff and church bell brake the silence. The album continues the same way and really is a masterpiece. From just hearing, the first couple of songs you understand that what you are listening to is out of the ordinary and that you are in the presence of greatness. Of course it dose not surprise me that this album comes from Candlemass, Leif Edling are truly the master of what he does. There really was a life after Messiah if only more than the die hard fans would have given it a chance. However since the album didn’t sell it became the last studio album before the reunion. Leif just put it to rest for awhile due to the respect of the legend of this group instead of dragging it down. Tracklist: 1. Droid 2. Tot 3. Elephant Star 4. Blumma Apt 5. Arx/NG 891 6. Zog 7. Galatea 8. Cyclo-F 9. Mythos

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