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Candlemass – Tales Of Creation [remastered]


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Tales of Creation may not contain as many classics as some of Candlemass' previous efforts, but the band has never sounded better, and the exceptional production job fully highlights the operatic vocals of Messiah Marcolin without sacrificing any of the band's low-end guitar crunch. Unfortunately, the group wastes precious space on short spoken-word interludes, which, although they are meant to tie everything together, actually detract from the album's continuity. Another perplexing blunder is the inclusion of "Into the Unfathomable Tower," a very uncharacteristic, frenzied guitar workout which sounds more like a Yngwie Malmsteen outtake. Still, the band offers enough winners with the title track, "Dark Reflections," and "Tears" to keep things interesting, and the stunning "Under the Oak" is simply one of the best songs of the band's career. While definitely not a first choice for new fans, this album will certainly satisfy serious doomsters. Track listing: 1. The Prophecy 2. Dark Reflections 3. Voices in the Wind 4. Under the Oak 5. Tears 6. Into the Unfathomed Tower 7. The Edge of Heaven 8. Somewhere in Nowhere 9. Through the Infinitive Halls of Death 10. Dawn 11. A Tale of Creation Enhanced bonus CD has the following tracklist: 1. Dark Reflections [demo] 2. Under the Oak [demo] 3. Into the Unfathomed Tower [demo] 4. Somewhere in Nowhere [demo] 5. A Tale of Creation [demo] 6. [interview]

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