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Cannabis Corpse -From Wisdom To Baked lp


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Fourth pressing on black vinyl. Limited 200 copies

Richmond’s weed-obsessed death-dealers Cannabis Corpse (with members of Municipal Waste) unleashed their fourt album, From Wisdom To Baked, in 2014. The trio fuses influences from the halcyon days Florida death metal into a brutal, modern US death metal attack. The album features some of the bands most powerful songs to date and guest appearances from Chris Barnes (Six Feet Under), Trevor Strnad (The Black Dahlia Murder), Digestor (Ghoul) and more. For starting out as a joke band these dudes make some pretty amazing death metal. It has elements of the old school Florida sound combined with brutal and technical influences. A mighty solid slab of straight forward death metal goodness and the best thing of all; you dont have to love Cannabis to appreciate this band.

Track list:
1. Baptized In Bud
2. Zero Weed Tolerance
3. Weedless Ones
4. Individual Pot Patterns
5. Pull The Carb
6. Considered Dank
7. Voice Of The Bowl
8. T.H.C. Crystal Mountain
9. With Their Hash He Will Create
10. From Wisdom To Baked
11. Medicinal Healing

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