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Cannibal Corpse -Created To Kill lp [splatter]


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Pink splatter vinyl. Limited 300 copies

The legendary final recording with Chris Barnes recorded in Tampa, Florida 1995. The tracks here are a real treat, as they are recorded during the original Created To Kill sessions, basically the demo tracks done for the Vile album, with Chris Barnes on the vocals! So if you ever wanted to hear that material with the original singer before his departure, you have “Unburied Horror”, “Mummified in Barbed Wire”, “Gallery of the Obscene”, “To Kill Myself”, “Bloodlands”, “Puncture Wound Massacre” and “Devoured by Vermin”, some of which wound up on the full-length with George Fisher’s vocals, some getting a name change (for example, “Gallery of the Obscene” becomes “Orgasm Through Torture”). If you love the original Cannibal Corpse then you need this one

Track list:
1. To Kill Myself
2. Bloodlands
3. Puncture Wound Massacre
4. Devoured By Vermin
5. Unburied Horror
6. Mummifed In Barbed Wire
7. Gallery Of The Obscene

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