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Cannibal Corpse -Kill lp


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2020 re-issue on black vinyl with lyric insert and poster

Cannibal Corpse present their 10th full length studio album. Simply titled “KILL”, you might think that Cannibal Corpse were running out of ideas. One listen to this album and you see that while the Cannibals stay true to their tried and true formula that has made them the undisputed kings of death metal, they have managed to break new ground and believe it or not turn the intensity up yet another notch. Amazingly there seems to be no end to how extreme these guys can get.

Track list:
1. The Time To Kill Is Now
2. Make Them Suffer
3. Murder Whorship
4. Necrosadistic Warning
5. Five Nails Through The Neck
6. Purification By Fire
7. Death Walking Terror
8. Barbaric Bludgeonings
9. The Discipline Of Revenge
10. Brain Removal Device
11. Maniacal
12. Submerged In Boiling Flesh
13. Infinite Misery

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