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Carnal Forge – Firedemon


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Second full length album by Swedens Carnal Forge. ‘Firedemon’ is fast, furious and intense. The speed rarely changes from extreme except for some occasional mid-tempo moments. Their style guitar wise can best be described as a mix between Death/Thrash and Gothenburg. While the trashiest riffs obviously are the best, most of their At The Gates-sounding riffs are fast enough to avoid being boring. There are even some riffage that come close to reaching that level of Death/Thrash ownage that Hypnosia invented with ‘Extreme Hatred’. The guitarists for sure have a lot of talent, as they totally know where to put what riff to get the right effect. One of the highlights is ‘I Smell Like Death’. It opens up with an awesome fucker of a midtempo riff before going into high gear during the verses. The same midtempo riff occasionally occurs again during the song to bring a headbanging frenzy. Other highlights are aggro speedfests like ‘Pull The Trigger’, ‘Headfucker’, ‘Too Much Hell Ain't Enough For Me’ and ‘Firedemon’. Listen to the intro of ‘Headfucker’ for a lesson on how to use an At The Gates riff the right way. Track listing: 1. Too Much Hell Ain’t Enough For Me 2. Covered With Fire (I’m Hell) 3. I Smell Like Death (Son Of A Bastard) 4. Chained 5. Defacer 6. Pull The Trigger 7. Uncontrollable 8. Firedemon 9. Cure Of Blasphemy 10. Headfucker 11. The Torture Will Never Stop 12. A Revel In Violence

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