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Carnal Forge – Whos Gonna Burn [original]


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Talk about vicious… Love it, hate it, or just ignore it, ‘Who's Gonna Burn’ is one of 1998's most viciously mean, blatantly aggressive musical bastards, an ultraviolent fusion of hardcore and rabid Swedish death metal — note that the shouter here is Jens Nyren of In thy Dreams / Armageddon (RIP). Burnt deep onto this testosterone-sweating album are 29 minutes of raw, uncompromising aggressions, somewhere between At the Gates and Agnostic Front. ‘Whos Gonna Burn’ is the smack in the jaw you've been waiting for. Original Wrong again pressing Track listing: 1. Who’s Gonna Burn 2. Sweet Bride 3. Twisted 4. Godzilla Is Coming Thru’ 5. The Other Side 6. Part Animal – Part Machine 7. Born Too Late 8. Evilizer 9. Maggotman 10. Confuzzed

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Wrong Again

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